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  • Fluoroiodomethane CAS:373-53-5
Fluoroiodomethane CAS:373-53-5

Fluoroiodomethane CAS:373-53-5

  • Specification:99%
  • Properties:Liquid
  • Package:fluorinated bottle
  • Usage:Fluorinated materials
  • Product description: CAS:373-53-5 | Fluoroiodomethane Fluticasone fluoromethylation reagent
fluoro-iodo-methane Basic information
Product Name: fluoro-iodo-methane
Synonyms: fluoro-iodo-methane;Fluoromethyl iodide;Fluoroiodomethane 99%;Methane, fluoroiodo- (6CI,8CI,9CI)
CAS: 373-53-5
MW: 159.93
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Mol File: 373-53-5.mol

fluoro-iodo-methane Chemical Properties
Boiling point  53.4℃
density  2.366 g/cm3 (20 ºC)
refractive index  1.491 (589.3 nm 20℃)
CAS DataBase Reference 373-53-5
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fluoro-iodo-methane Usage And Synthesis
Uses Fluoroiodomethane is an synthetic precursor for the fluoromethylation of radiopharmaceuticals.Fluoroiodomethane Fluticasone fluoromethylation reagent
fluoro-iodo-methane Preparation Products And Raw materials